Ketchikan AK Real Estate, Ketchikan Area and Community Information
Ketchikan AK, Ketchikan Area and Community Information
In 1883 a salmon hatchery was opened by a man named Snow in a quiet corner of Alaska. Two years passed and Mike Martin was hired by Portland businessmen to scope out the area for a possible salmon cannery along Ketchikan Creek. Soon a saltery and general store were opened and by 1900, the area bloomed to a population of 800 people and the town was officially incorporated thanks to a booming fishing industry. As the 1950's approached, the mining trade began to bring more people to the little town and bordellos and bars began to thrive until prostitution was made illegal in 1954. Despite the mining industry's eventual collapse, the fishing and timber operations kept the town alive. For those who want to delve more deeply into the area's history, the Tongass Historical Museum preserves the history, culture, and art of this area as well as hosting various events and workshops for locals. Homes for sale in Ketchikan AK can be historical in nature for those who fall in love with the area's rich history.

New residents buying homes in Ketchikan AK can be assured there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep them busy. Newcomers to town can request a walking tour map at the Anchor Inn by the Sea or other local establishments or it can be downloaded at. The two mile walk incorporates 25 points of interest throughout the town and takes about two hours. People can also take a winding and scenic trail called Married Man's Trail, named for the men who sneaked home from the bordellos on this secluded path. Creek Street is one of the most historic areas and close to prime Ketchikan AK real estate as well as a hotspot for commercial properties in Ketchikan AK. Once known as the "red light district" it is now comprised of museums, historic homes, and shops built on pilings over Ketchikan Creek. For more detailed information on Creek Street's many merchants and to learn more about the area's scandalous history! 

The Blueberry Festival is held the first week in August and is one of the first things a Ketchikan AK real estate agent will direct home buyers to upon their arrival. Arts and crafts, music, and dozens of different blueberry-based foods make up this kitschy community gathering. The Alaskan Hummingbird Festival is a month-long festival held by the town to celebrate the arrival of the Rufous hummingbird. Bird feeders are strategically placed around town and visitors can take guided tours, attend arts and crafts projects, and attend film presentations all month long. All events are hosted by Southeast Alaska Discovery Center Visit their website for year-long information and visiting hours. 

First time home buyers in Ketchikan AK have many recreational options when raising active families. The Gateway Aquatic Center offers school, lap, and open swims at varied times and days of the week, making it easy for parents to find time in their schedules to fit in swimming during Ketchikan's chilly winter months. The Parks and Recreation Center offers health fairs, self-defense classes, sports, and preschool activities year round.

This town is a quirky, diverse, and quiet community in the southeast portion of this beautiful state. Call Mary Wanzer your Ketchikan AK realtor for more information on living your dream in our great little corner of the world!

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