Ketchikan, AK Attractions and Activities

Ketchikan, AK Attractions and Activities

Ketchikan is located in southeast Alaska. Often called “the salmon capital of the world,” it is the perfect blend of the arts and outdoor adventure.


You will often see small seaplanes flying overhead, so why not ride in one! Soar over ice blue glaciers, view grizzlies up close from the safety of the plane, or land in prime fishing country. Experience Ketchikan from an amphibious vehicle, which doubles as a bus and a boat, with Duck Tours. The driven portion will lead you through the history of Ketchikan and along a salmon ladder, where you can view live salmon and their spawning grounds. Then, you will literally drive into the harbor to float along Ketchikan’s scenic waterfront community and watch seaplanes taking off and landing.

Winter activities

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to visit Alaska. Prices plummet and the land is clothed in a dazzling robe of white. Trails are masterfully maintained so that you can bike, hike, ski, snowmobile, or take a dog sled ride all winter long. Art lovers will be enthralled by the annual Winter Arts Faire, after Thanksgiving. It is a family-friendly event that allows you to complete all your holiday shopping with unique gifts from local artists, including pottery, jewelry, metalwork, photography, furs, and much more. Children can even make their own artwork in the craft room, while you shop.

Outdoor recreation

Diving isn’t just for tropical climates. In Ketchikan, you can undertake undersea exploration with the help of Wind & Water Dive Center. Kayaking and boating are two other excellent activities for the water. For those who prefer the peaceful forest, cabins may be reserved for a delightful camping trip, with plenty of hiking opportunities from seashore to mountain side.


Play in the rainforest canopy of Tongass National Forest on a zipline adventure. While sailing along seven ziplines you can gaze at bald eagles, lush old growth forest, and dazzling ocean. Those with a hunger for heights can head over to a fifty foot climbing tower, which can also be accessed by an inner staircase, to drink in the surrounding view.


The Wearable Art Show is a creative fashion show where designers model clothing made from every material imaginable. Attend the Gigglefeet Dance Festival or ballet, at the Ketchikan Theater. Other Ketchikan AK Attractions and Activities include the Tongass Historical Museum and the Totem Heritage Center.

These are just a few of the exciting adventures and exceptional sights to be experienced in Ketchikan. Alaska is a rich and enchanting land, and after visiting you likely won’t be able to help but contact a Ketchikan AK realtor, so that you are never without the wonder and beauty of all Ketchikan, AK has to offer.

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